BNC Cable Assembly

Custom Over Molded Cable Connectors and Custom Over molded Cables

Centerline is able to overmold a custom connector body or strain relief to enhance the appearance and durability of your custom molded cable assembly and wire assemblies. Using our in-house injection molding and mold-making capabilities, just about any shape or configuration can be created, in a variety of materials, to make your uniquely custom molded cable assembly.

  • Custom Over Molded Cable Assembly
  • In-House Molded Cable Manufacturing and Engineering
  • Molded Custom Cable Prototyping and Design
  • Molded Cable Zero Defects and On-Time Delivery
  • Cost-Effective Molded Cable Manufacturing
  • Quality OEM Cable Assembly Customer Service

Centerline manufactures a broad assortment of over-molded cables in meeting your specifications, and provide blueprints and manufacturing of custom over-molded connectors and cables.

Our expertise in over molding services in custom wire harnesses and cable assembly in design for all industrial OEM applications. Including aerospace, automotive, industrial, commercial, military, medical, OEM and aerospace just to mention a few. There are many choices for over molding colors and plastic compounds that can be made to order to your needs.

Overmolding Cable 

Overmolding, sometimes referred to as insert molding, is the process of forming a body around a cable or group of wires by injection molding. The injected plastic creates a connector body, or sometimes only part of the connector, such as the strain relief. Many types of common cable assemblies have overmolded connectors, such as printer cables and electrical cordsets. 

One of the primary reasons for overmolding is aesthetics. You can customize the shape of the overmold, its color, its material, as well as any markings such as an engraved logo. Centerline Engineering is able to design and build a mold to meet your specifications, then manufacture and overmold the assembly. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome at every step of this process, to ensure that you will be satisfied with the end product. 

Many overmolded cable assemblies are imported. For many popular types of cable assemblies, an imported product is typically high quality and inexpensive. However, if a custom cable assembly is to be imported, often it must be purchased in large quantities to be economical. For this and various other reasons, importing may not be the ideal solution for you. Centerline Engineering remains available as a domestic source of custom, overmolded assemblies, with economical order quantities in the hundreds of pieces rather than thousands. Call us to discuss your needs. 

The first step is to create the mold. 

The second step may be to create a pre-mold

The final molding step results in the finished product. 

Call Centerline Engineering for your next custom molded cable connector assembly meeting all customers specifications and requirements

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